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By KuroMakai
#130449 The only server where villains rule! We appeal to all sorts of players, whether you want to join an organized crime syndicate or go rogue and try to be the next hero to stop their quest for world domination. We have a healthy competitive scene with weekly tournaments to see which team gains 'World Dominance' for the following week. Available teams are: Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma, and Galactic, and of course being a Rogue.

Many servers are the same: Join, train, earn badges, and eventually battle the Champion. Not here! In our world, Ash and any other hero is gone and now there is no one to get in the way of these crime syndicates...except one another. <--- Resource Pack for the mature crowd <----- Epic Resource Pack for everyone!

Feel free to join and pose questions on our forums, or even make your intent known to sign up for a team! You can also find news and updates on the main page. We make use of the Furniture and Carpenter's mod on top of the Pixelmon mod. The site listed above will have links to the appropriate pages to download if you wish to join.

Please post any questions you have, or intent to join, here on the forums or the forums on the site I linked above. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the epic battle field of organized crime!
By TechnoKiller
#130491 so excited! I see the Rockets are in the houseeee where them other teams at? Oh well I guess we will be dominating ;) this idea is super fresh and I can't wait for the launch. Happy hunting everybody I hope to see some new faces here soon :mrgreen: