KuroMakai wrote:Thanks to a few tweaks, SurgeCraft now has 100% more flying fish and the only server where pigs can truly fly (yes I'm serious).

And where you can finally use Volcarona as a flying mount! :D (And also Jolteon and Lapras xD)

Also, the first tournament is taking place as we speak, Rockets defeated Aqua and Magma, Galactic has defeated Aqua and Rockets and Aqua has defeated Magma! So the score is currently:

Rockets 2
Galactic 2
Aqua 1
Magma 0
Plasma 0
Rogues 0

More to come! ^^
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By MoeBoy76
#133322 This week's rewards will be cut short as i haven't had time to finish them yet, however they will be done in the next 15 hours. Also, i keep developing new things for you guys, so stay excited
By SLUswim
#133342 I would like to announce that Team Galactic has taken home the first weekly challenge! I look forward to seeing if anyone can take our crown in the weeks to come! We welcome all newcomers and hope that you will stop by our server to check it out.
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By KuroMakai
#133612 The weekly tournament has been fully fleshed out and with a brand new stadium. A replica of the Super Smash Bros stage. Now going to be hosting a new tournament as well for all individuals instead of team representatives.