By Articuno437
CharzardPickachu wrote:everyone is accepted sorry for the delays but everything i have tried will not work i cannot figure out how to install forge on my server so if anyone knows please post it in the comments
btw i am running on a mac but I'm using a hosting website because i don't want to have to keep my computer on 24/7 please help once its installed ill let the gym leaders in for about a week then the server will be open to everyone else


Look on YouTube. It'll be there. Promise.

By Marvino X
#14607 Charizard Open your minecraft server jar file and open it with winrar or 7zip then install forge and do not delete the Meta-inf file and then close the the jar file then drag all the pixelmon things inside your server folder

Hope this helps you :)
By GdsygsGamer
#14612 Gdsygs

Gdsygs was a kid the age of 8, he lived in kanto,pallet town, his only pokemon was a charmander which hated him, one day he was on the way to the airport that was newly built, it was gona fly to chardia, so on the way there, Gdsygs turned around and saw a herd of tauros charging, charmander was out of his pokemon, gdsygs grabbed charmander and ran for it as he counted around 10, his charmander was no match for that! he kept running and running until he found the airport, his mom was waiting there, charmander after this looked at me differently and saw me as a friend not foe.

Sorry for my bad rolepklay example im half asleep
By CharzardPickachu
#14615 lol everyone is accepted, marvino ill try that but i doubt it'll work and there is only one gym left so if u want to be a leader just say i want to be a leader and you type, U MUST HAVE UR TYPE OR I WILL NOT REPLY!!!!
also to become elite four i will appoint you when i think ur ready
By CharzardPickachu
#14616 also this is 1.4.7
By CharzardPickachu
#14620 im will update once bukkit forge comes out for 1.5.1
By CharzardPickachu
#14638 ok then it will be 1.5.1 and i already said THE PROBLEM IS I CANT INSTALL FORGE IT WONT WORK
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By Starfy222
CharzardPickachu wrote:ok then it will be 1.5.1 and i already said THE PROBLEM IS I CANT INSTALL FORGE IT WONT WORK

I have something for you :D .