By CharzardPickachu
#14655 thanks but thats exactly what I've been doing
By PressXForPie
#14663 First put you minecraft username: PressXForPie
Then Favourite Pokemon: Cyndaquils whole evo line.
Then your level of pokemon knowledge: Expert
Then gender: Male
Then you players background (its a role playing server): A 15 year old trainer from Unova looking to train hard and become the best. After losing to the Unova champion, he has come to Chardia looking for new pokemon and trainers to journy with. Hoping to become the pokemon master in this region.
Also I want to apply for Elite 4 if spots are not taken befor i get my eight badges.
By joojlee38
#14900 xXNinjaJoojXx
xXNinjaJoojXx started as a rookie pokemon trainer in the city of pallet town. He was very determined to become the world!s greatest pokemon trainer no matter what. He obtained his first partner bulbasaur and went out to become the pokemon master he was determined to be.