By unitK4
#14961 IGN:unitK4
Favourite pokemon:Giratina
Level of pokemon knowledge:Pokenerd
unitK4 is a young trainer from Numeva town in the Unova region and is on a journey to find the most powerful dragon type pokemon and to be the strongest Dragon master. He loves to battle people and will accept any trainers pokemon battle his favourite pokemon is Giratina the legendary pokemon
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#14990 Minecraft In-GameName: MGMP
Favourite Pokemon: Lucario
Pokemon Knowledge: Expert
Gender: Male
Was killed during the World War II, But Giratina got his soul back and re-birth him.
He was Pokemon expert, he has fight for the whole region's people and got Champion.
The Story Begins.......
By MoosenMan
#15201 IGN MoosenMan
One day, a young boy, MoosenMan, was found on a beach alone. An old woman and old man took him in and nurtured him Now he and his Eevee are trainingto become a pixelmon master.
By NovaUnited
#15270 IGN: NovaUnited
Favorite Pokemon: MewTwo or Mew
Level of Knowledge: Pokenerd
Gender: Male
Background: Nova is a trainer that has gone through the Pokemon Leagues of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn and is now ready to face the famed Chardia League and settle down to become part of the Elite Four someday!