By Articuno437
#15864 I would have never thought that we would have such an awesome gym leader starter kit!
By Articuno437
#15918 My town is going to be pretty big! (Thanks to the starter kit)
By ApocolypticMew
#15957 IGN: theapocolipse
Favourate Pokemon: Mewtwo = Awesome or charizard [shiny that is]
PokeKnowligde [is that even a word]:Expert
Gender: Male
Trainer background: theapocolipse was a pokemon trainer who was born in unova, professer juniper saw a good future for him with pokemon and decided to give him a starter pokemon and send him on a quest theapocolipse's dream was to become a member of the elite 4 after he won the pokemon league and would'nt stop training untill he got that place
By CharzardPickachu
#16002 for the gym leaders it might be open sometime this week and for everyone else probably in two weeks
By CharzardPickachu
#16004 everyone is accepted and btw the ip is probably going to change