By CharzardPickachu
#13069 oh and adventure nub i completely agree 5 gen was pretty bad but i ask with gen questions cause I'm not sure if u guys know a lot about first gen etc

also my fav was first gen and CHARIZARD FOR THE WIN

Story: Abandoned as a child lost in the woods and more scared then I ever had been when I found some shelter and I was going to grab food when the wind picked up and a storm came upon me until a small bulbasuar came and gave me food and since then I've raised Poison pokemon.

I also would like to be a poison gym
By lankercool
Zyrander1 wrote:My name is Zyrander i wish to join the server... get whitelisted...
Ign: Zyrander
i also wish to be a dark gym leader if you are looking for that kind.

you clearly have not seen what he said, you are not following how you need to apply.
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By Starfy222
#13295 IGN: starfy222
Favourite pokemon: Raichu
Pixelmon level: average
Gender: male
Starfy222 had a dream of becoming the jotho master. One day his friend give him a pikachu. Ever since then the explored the world. Starfy222 found a region called the Chardia region.
By King0fhearts21
#13297 King0fhearts21
Hearts is an Average Person wanting to be Awesome. Loves dogs and wants to Collect all Dog types then whatever else along the way. Hates Animal and Pokémon Abusers so does Get Emotional with stuff but is Strong