By Toflusion24554
#18761 Tofu24554
Tofu24554 is a boy who got his first pokemon which was Cyndaquil. But a tornado shook their village and his father died and his mother is very sick.He needs money to help her. When he sees a flyer about the Pokemon League and sees the reward for 200 million pokedollars he goes and starts his journey, leaving his mom with his uncle.

By CaptainRifRaf1
#18817 IGN: CaptainRifRaf1
Fav pokemon: Onix/Gyarados
Pokemon Knowledge: Average-Expert (depends what era)
Gender: Male
CaptainRifRaf was a young military commander who returns to his home of Lavender town after fighting for pokemon rights. His life goal is to now capture and nurture his perfect pokemon team!
By CharzardPickachu
#18831 I've tried that it doesn't work please just downgrade with the links i have u its easy
By Articuno437
#19112 I have an idea! When someone beats the elite four and the champion, all gym leaders and the elite four come and congratulate the person? Good idea or not?