By Articuno437
#19662 Oh, I have black and white 2, but I haven't completed the story line yet... although I was thinking about saying where all the gym leaders stop the villanous team like in black and white 1.

By CharzardPickachu
#19910 i was wondering, please just downgrade i put all the links in another comment, but if you want please mod the minecraft server.jar yourself and add forge to it because I can't do it it won't work for me it says its corrupt so please send me a link with the jar for 1.5.1 or send me an email at [email protected] with the file attached.
Also yes I fixed the plugin glitch I'm building spawn
By CharzardPickachu
#19928 NEVER MIND I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! ITS 1.5.1 YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
By CharzardPickachu
#20045 Also letting you know I'm trying to make it so when I close me screen (I'm using a macbookpro) the start.command won't close so i might try to upload the jar file to the hosting website i use and hopefully that works
By Articuno437
#20050 Yes! But I can't be a full time gym leader, but I will be there a majority of the time.
By Waterboyr
#20099 Waterboyr
Squirtle and Torttera
Expert (would be nerd but I haven't played pokemon much recently I used to know ALL of their names I still know many though!)
My character is from the the Sinnoh region. He grew up with a turtwig his whole life dreaming of being a trainer but it was later stolen by team rocket and taken to Chardia. He was almost old enough to start but was thrown into being a trainer early to save his pokemon. He lived in Hearthhome City and had traveled to Sandgem Town to stay with family and learn about Pokemon with Professor Rowan. He went to Sandgem Town shortly before Turtwig's kidnap. Professor Rowan gave him a Squirtle he had acquired from Professor Oak that they had done studies on and that Waterboyr had grown to like. He decided to grow stronger and explore until he could finally earn his revenge and Turtwig back. To his despair he found out Team Rocket lost Turtwig somewhere in the region. Determined to get back Turtwig and become the very best Waterboyr sets out on his journey. He named his Squirtle Squirt and his Turtwig Bake.