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#21482 im not telling yet its almost done and ill post it
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Tom,an ordinary boy from Pallet town, who's father was a great frontier brain and who's dream was to become as strong as his father, he didnt have much support from his parents so he trained and learned by himself, his dream, to become the pokemon champion of the world
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POKENERD!! (I have no Missing No.)
Male (I'm not a Ditto i swear)
cee was born on Mt.Silver along with his eevee. He has moved all over the world in search for the legendary Raikou after seeing the legend at Mt.Silver he is currently on his way to Chardia to search with his eevee.
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By Kamkari
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Fave PkMn: Gengar
Pokemon Professor :P
Male, 20
Kamkari is an aspiring Pokemon professor from the Unova region. He hope to one day be acknowledged as one of the greatest Pokemon professors of all time. He specializes in Ghost and Dark type Pokemon