By PixelNerd2002
#22141 blake_mccabe234 (No Caps In My Name)
blake_mccabe234 is a young boy who comes form sandgem town i the sinnoh reigon who's only dream was to become a Pokemon league Champion.His role model was the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia.On his fathers deathbed He was given a Poke-ball Which contained a Gliscor, Him and Gliscor had bonded for over 10 years now and the bond gets stronger with every Battle,

By Sonofleo
#22456 IGN: password10
password10 dreams to go fulfill the dreams of his dad that has past away... He gets stronger and stronger in the Sinnoh Region where he was born and raised. He ventured on to the new region Chardia. Awaiting strong pokemon to catch. while venturing on he learned the truth.. his father is actually alive... As a gym leader in chardia. becoming a water type Master Is his dream. And from that on He Ventures on with the pokemon spirit :D
By aGraypanda
#22517 IGN: aGraypanda
As young panda was raised by snorlaxes,One day a Trainer was walking in the Forest of Evergreen.From that day on he became The Snorlax Master, He now wishes 2 go to this new region and fulfill his Journy to make new Friends and become the Greatest trainer ever.
By Articuno437
#22562 Wait, sonofleo? YOU ARE GOING TO JOIN THE SERVER? YAY! Come visit me, I'm 1st gym leader. (If you didn't know that)
By CharzardPickachu
#22773 k I'm sorry but I've been crazy busy lately and I'm working on it right now it'll be done soon
By CharzardPickachu
#22774 also I think its 24/7 because i think that it will keep running when i close my laptop :)
By CharzardPickachu
#22775 gym leaders will be whitelisted and will be able to play for a week to get started
By CharzardPickachu
#22776 and then after a week everyone else will but letting u know its gonna take like an hour to whitelist everyone
By Doomsblack
#22820 Hello Here is my application.
Im a male last time i checked
Adam is a young boy from johto. He was always dreaming to become a pokemon champion. so one night he stuck out and caught a pokemon with a pokeball he stole.