By CharzardPickachu
#24575 its almost done and i built it and when i let the gym leaders on they will build their own town

By CharzardPickachu
#24576 also the way it works is that at the first town you get the coordinates to the first gym then when you beat the first gym you will get the coordinates to the second but before you battle the second leader the leader must make sure you have the first badge and so on.
To gym leaders:
if your pokemon become to high of a level i will spawn in the same team for you and you can rare candy them back to the right level and i will also give tms and his on request
By Articuno437
Rados wrote:Can't the gym leader just disable leveling?

I really don't think that's possible...
By Sonofleo
#24639 uhm you can
Just go to the summary then click the small l then it will disable leveling :)
By CharzardPickachu
#24692 im also letting you know when you come on the server it says this at spawn but the server looks way better using sphax purebdcraft