By CharzardPickachu
#24694 wow its gonna take me like an hour to whitelist everyone

By CharzardPickachu
#24698 hey doesaman i am sorry but to become elite four you must beat all the gym leaders first then the current elite four and you can choose whether to be elite four or champion
btw if ur champion then when you get beat in an OFFICIAL battle then you are not anymore
if you choose to become elite four while there is a spot available you are elite four permanently
By CharzardPickachu
#24701 also another thing
in your town you MUST have four buildings: a gym (self explanatory) a pokemon centre (healing pokemon) a poke mart (buying items for your pokemon and player) and finally a poke information centre (a building I made up that you write the history about your town and things you need to know)
PLEASE NOTE::::::: I will build the poke mart for you because I will be the only one able to use the plugin that lets you buy items, also I will make it so as you get further in the game at each city the items you can buy will start getting better
By CharzardPickachu
#24703 also i use towny so gym leaders your town in towny must be called your town name, for example my town is called the pokemon league
Note to gym leaders:
If you do not want to live in your town then you can just make an outpost and live there
By Sonofleo
im going to prove... That Friendship is The Number one thing in pokemon! Btw. How many rare candies do i get?
By CharzardPickachu
#24709 ill tell you when you get on so no one gets mad :)
By CharzardPickachu
#24844 ya you can put anything in ur town but u must have those 4 buildings
By warthog15
#24960 MC username: warthog15
Favorite pokemon: Snorlax
Pokemon Knowledge: Pokenerd
Gender: Male
Character's Background: Grayson was born in raised in the Johto Region. When he became of age he wanted to set out on a adventure like everyone else but he was held back because he could never get the right pokemon. No pokemon would accept him. One day while in the woods he came across a squirtle who seemed to be rejected by all others as well, alone, no family or friends. Grayson started playing with it, happy to see it playing back with him. When he got up to go home the squirtle followed and that was the true start to his adventure, later that month him and squirtle got on a boat on their way to Chardia, where his life would change forever.

Hey I'm a very vetern roleplayer to all kinds of forms of it, ecspecially minecraft, I have quite a few ideas for the server itself and how to get more people if you'd like to hear them we could talk. Thanks for your time!