By CharzardPickachu
#27669 the servers up sorry every time i close my screen it shuts down the server ill try to fix that

By CharzardPickachu
#27692 ya ya the only thing is if someone finds ur house you give them a badge
By CharzardPickachu
#27735 ther server might be down for like 10 hours cause im having difficulties
By frightknight
#27785 ign:gtr811
fav: umbreon
exp: past pokenerd
bio:he is not of this world no one knows much about him but they do know this. his name is "one" he was hit by space junk and was forced to do an emergency landing on earth he crashed into the oceon. when he gets out he is five thousand feet underwater he was saved by a mysteriouse poke'mon. he found himself in the land of chardia. now stranded in a world he dosn't know he decides to travel with pokemon to be the best.