By sl4sh3r950
#30672 IGN: sl4sh3r950
Expert (up to Gen 4)
sl4sh3r950 is a 15 year old boy from Pallet Town, he had a dream of becoming a pokemon champion, but also to travel across all the different regions he could! In his hometown he was given a bulbasaur, in which he would use to kickstart his pokemon adventure, and to this day looks forward to the path of a champion!
By Sonofleo
#31290 okay i have my champion team. (half of it actually XD) All i need to do is to rare candy em up
By Articuno437
#33823 Might be a problem with the current version of pixelmon.
By Andrew
#33923 IGN: CaptainIVI
Fav poke : Bulbasaur
Knowledge : Expert.
Gender : Male.
Once apon a time there was a boy called Andrew, he was not old enough to get the starter pokemon.
He stole a pokeball from his older brother Flinn, who was a great pokemaster.
On a normal day like this Andrew was playing outside alone because most people didn't like him very well,
because they said he was different then the other people. Andrew heard strange sounds coming out a tree!
Andrew took Dads ladder to explore the tree. KABOOOOMMMMMMM Andrew fell and a wild Bulbasaur fell on him. But wait the Bulbasaur was really hurt! Andrew came with this idea to catch him and heal him with the pokehealer. A few days later Bulbasaur was back as a great cute Bulbasaur. He was the best friend of Andrew! He called him Doctore and we're playing 24/7. Oh no holiday was over and Andrew couldn't bring Doctore with him to school of course. However he could think of a day without Doctore, he putted him in his bag and sneaked out to school. He putted the bag with Doctore in his locker it has small windows so Doctore could see everything he also saw Andrew was getting bullied a lot by all his class mates with there strong pokemon except one girl called Samantha. Doctore couldn't take it any longer and he attacked the strong Pokemon of the bullys and after a second Doctore was hurt again! Andrew ran with his pokemon to Oak and leave Doctore with him. He couldn't face it to see Doctore get hurt. The next day Andrew was sad and didn't want to go school but all the other kids didn't bully him strange! He got friends everyone was nice to him. He asked Samantha what happened ? Samantha said , No your Bulbasaur came back and searched the class to battle them all NIGHT and he WON! Andrew ran back to Oak but Doctore wasn't there.. His brother came by and said to Andrew come home i got your Bulbasaur with your other pokestarter stuff from now on your a poketrainer! Andrew was so happy! Since then he never lost a fight with Doctore!
It evolved to a Venasaur the strongest of all! He defeat every one. 30 years later Andrew made a end to his trip and got married with Samantha.


Btw without giving me a chance to prove my self as anything you can't comment or decide on me;[
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#34055 lol nice story (yes i read all of it) and ur accepted