By Lord_Thales_
#40047 IGN: Lord_Thales_
Favorite Pokemon: Raichu
Level of Pokemon Knowledge:Expert
Gender: Male
Lord_Thales_ is a young trainer from Pallet Town in the Kanto region. His goal is to become champion of the Chardia
Region. He would like to get a Raichu and be a gym leader.
By bynknight
#40153 bynknight

bynknight was a little boy when he father became the Poké champion of the Ihion Region. From that day he never saw his father again. His goal is to become the new Champion in Chardia so that he would mayby see his father again to challenge him.
By Mr_Pierre
#40164 mr_pierre
Mr_Pierre is a young new trainer from pallet with an outburst of joy for Pokemons, he is very cunning and talented when it comes to pokemon battles and usually lucky. His ALL TIME Fav. pokemon that he uses in every game is Charizard. Lastly he strives to be the best Trainer that he can be and will gladly accept a challange from any opponent no matter how strong or weak they apear.
By Spartaremix
#40184 Spartaremix
Spartaremix is a trainer from Sinnoh who decided to travel the world at a young age. Chardia is his current stop on the journey. He wants to move to Chardia, as it is his last reigon to visit, and challenge the gyms and pokemon league of the region.
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By Moltres11
#40237 IGN: regice1223
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Why you should whitelist me: I'm nice and I NEVER greif/raid/hack, but I get a little cranky if something bad happens to ME.
What I would like to be: I would like to be the 3rd Elite four member, otherwise a gym leader
What I'm bad at: I'm not good at redstone or building. Building because I lag quite a lot so don't make my room or gym THAT fancy please

P.S Great server! 8-)
Regice1223 AKA Moltres11 was a young trainer from Black city :) and was really into the johto region and especially the legendary birds and Lugia. Moltres as a top favorite. then he moved to the johto region and hacked to get shiny arceuses.( on my soulsilver DS game)
By JJ_EeveeHikaru
#40242 IGN: tofu24554
Fav pokemon: Typhlosion
Pokémon Knowledge: POKENERD
Gender: Male
Background: Tofu24554 was a kid who worked on a farm. His father got him an eevee for protection. 1 day a tornado appeared and tore apart his whole village. With his father and sister missing and his mother very sick tofu24554 is having a very hard time. Then he sees a flier. It's for the pokemon league and then he sees the prize money award. He leaves his mom with his uncle, gets his Eevee, and works his way to Kanto, with dreams of winning the money and finding his missing father and sibling.
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By Thepersianpig
#40358 Minecraft username: Trevor105

Favorite Pokémon: Rampardos

Level of Pokémon knowledge: little more (Advanced) then a average but not as much as a expert

Gender: Male

Players Background: Trevor was born in The orange islands and caught his first Eevee when he was 8
by the time he reached 14 he had competed the Kanto, Hoenn, Kalos, and Unnova region and went to Johto when he was 15. he now travels to chardia to fight the most fearsome trainers out there! he starts his journey with his old starter eevee and hopes to meet many Pokémon along the way.
By MC_Riccy
#40706 IGN:MC_Riccy
Favorite Pokemon: Cacturne
level of pokemon knowledge: POKENERD
MC_Riccy was a child of an abusive father. He ran away at age 15 and left to the region of Chardia to prove to his dad that he is not worthless. He is a strong and funny boy that will do anything to win but accepts defeat with a smile. He also makes friends easily.