By DritzDuhSexy
#48377 IGN: DritzDuhSexy
Favorite Pokemon: Glaceon
Knowledge of Pokemon: POKENERD
Gender: Male
Dritz is a 10 year old boy that just got his first Pokemon given to him by his father. He got an Eevee. He went on his journey and on a quest to become a Pokemon Master.

By blazer_king
#48964 blazer_king ; ( )
Treecko(space globe), Palkia(lustrous orb), Porygon2(eviolite)
Pokenerd "RED"(ash) status, very knowledgeable about pokemon just cant wifi battle.
MALE (straight)
In the capital of alberta lived a boy who dreamed of living in a world along side such creatures as pokemon, after a near fatal car accident, he was rushed to the hospital in coma for what would seem to be forever, he found himself living in a place he had never seen before. Chardia a place where the newly grown adult starts his life again along side his favorite creatures, in a world of pokemon.

sidenote; i am an 18 year old who has played pokemon since the age of 7 (one month before my dads death), i have excelled in my studies with the rewards of playing pokemon, i can frankly say i am addicted to it and i would love to join this server, playing in a growing community along side people who love pokemon almost as much as i do. btw i have been playing minecraft since February 2011, i have a vast knowledge of the game excelling at small compact redstone contraptions. also the new update in commands has alowed me to be more interested in redstone related commands. farewell and thanks for reading this long application message, enjoy your day.

sincerely; Blazer King
By Kman788
#49165 IGN: Kman788
Fav Pokemon: Darkrai
Knowledge: Expert (still working on the 5th gen)
Gender: Male
Background: Kman788 isn't the one you expect would come from the big city of Celadon or a small town like Pallet. No he comes from the lowest of the low from the streets. His first Pokemon save him from a horrible accident that nearly cost him his life. From then on he has trained developing his bond with his partners also committing heroic acts such as saving lives from world catastrophes. And now he realizes he must become a great master by beating Gym Leaders and growing his skills to a new level. Also he is immortal and really sexy and hopes you will consider him.
If you do have more questions contact me on Skype @ kyle.allen65
By RubenTKW
#50021 Name:RubenTKW
Favorite Pokemon:Charizard/Typhlosion
Level of knowledge:Between Average and Expert
Backstory: RubenTKW lived in Cinnabar on the Kanto region , when he was 5 years old he was attacked by a tentacruel on the beach but was saved by Gym leader Blaine and his Fire Types.
On his 16 birthday Blaine gave him a Charmander and sent him to the Chardia region to become a trainer.RubenTKW then promissed to Blaine he would one day come back a powerful trainer and would challenge Blaine to a battle.
By Hemp-Hill
#50030 Application for elite four or secret keeper
IGN: Holmes15
Favorite Pokemon: Arcanine
Pokemon Knowledge: Expert
Gender Male
One day Holmes15 was sleeping with his pet growlithe. Then at 1 in the morning he and his pet growlithe were kidnapped. when Holmes15 woke up he saw growlithe fighting the kidnappers golduck and beat the kidnappers golduck and then Holmes15 realized it was his 10th birthday and he was gonna become a pokemon trainer and realized he could use growlithe as his main pokemon and so his adventure begins.
To be continued