By snorlaxguy
#13799 Snorlaxguy777
Snorlaxguy77 is a pokemon freak and dream of becomin a pokemon master he comes from Vermillion City Kanto and found a snorlax lying in front of diglett cave and caught it with a master ball while it was asleep. I'd love to be a Normal Psychic champ gym or elite 4 member
By King0fhearts21
CharzardPickachu wrote:im not doing it directly on my computer because i don't want to have to leave it on 24/7

ok Let me know bc I do wanna help you with setting up all the towns locations and start my catching, need 5 eevees lol
By riley11rules
#13835 Gym & Elite four App
IGN: riley11rules
Skype: rizza.man11
Age: 15
Favourite Pokemon: Umbreon
Previous experience : I am currently admin on a prison server Ip is it is still whitelisted i believe. I have been a Co-Owner, Owner, Admin, Head Admin and Moderator in my minecraft career :)
Level of poke knoweledge: POKENERD ive seen every episode of pokemon atleast 5 times each :) sad i know :P But yer ive played since alpha pixelmon and i have finished every gba and ds pokemon game aswell as all gender: Male
Then you players background: Riley was always a bit of a weird kid. I guess growing up in a small town made him that way he loves all types of Pokemon but his first Pokemon he ever caught was an Eevee which late evolved into Umbreon now he hopes to set out on an adventure to the land of Chardia he hopes to find new Pokemon and get stronger by battling opponents. His dream is to be part of the Elite Four.
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By Pokemonfreak
#13913 can i are an trainer from elite four im realy strong and i know the weeks of all pokemons my mc name is buzinio