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By Rados
#14433 I've set up a server that is exclusive to people that contributed for the mod in anyway, however, there are some requirements if you wanna join the server.

I'd also like to say that in this server there are no admins or mods, its all legit survival, no cheating here.

To get whitelisted you need to be:
A beta tester(An active one, I'll be checking github for your bugs), or,
Have at least 1 model ingame, or 3 approved models(approved is different from ingame)
Be a developer and get some code into the mod
Be a moderator on the forums(or admin)
Be a voice actor or make music
Other, write down in the post, I'll consider if its enough

heres the ip(whitelisted):

Post here your Minecraft username and what you did for the mod.

Ps: I would like to give a huge thanks to Jishness and the other people that donated to his server for making this possible

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By Zariu
#14741 sweet, I am looking forward to this. I echo that huge thanks, and thanks for working on setting it up, Rados. ^^

I'm a Beta Tester and Developer. My code includes False Swipe, fainting damage check fix... and debugging on confusion.
ign: Jazex7
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By Hiroku
jishness wrote:No need for the IP to be private when its whitelisted, just saying. =P

Happy to help.

Wrong. I originally hosted the pixelmon server for devs and contributors, but displayed IP publicly. It got hacked and world got wiped