By CharzardPickachu
#14506 what are cracked users

By CharzardPickachu
By Gamma Beastboy
#14548 Fixed problems with the mods should be ready for building by tomorrow. Also made the skin for pokemart guy based on the game
PM me for mod list (to know what you will be working with) or mod suggestions (to make it more like the game)
By Otakufiend
#14563 IGN: OtakufiendX9
Building: 4

I like building things, and I have played pokemon since green version (yes the jap version that never made it to the states not leaf green lol.) So yeah, I would be happy to help in any way i can.
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By Noooooooooooooah
#14565 IGN: Noooooooooooooah (Simply put, with 13 o)
Building EXP: 3.5-4

I'd mainly like to help maintain the server, and prove myself to be a Gym Leader & OP ^-^
By Gamma Beastboy
#14611 server is up and running the mods. I made a blank world in super flat to make it easier to build however this makes it so only certain pokemon spawn because its mostly one biome (to my knowledge). If i make it a regular world it will fix the spawn issue but it will be harder to build. I would like to know what You guys what:easy build with less pokemon or harder build with all pokemon.
p.s. also would like feedback about backpack mod