By solidsnake
#18226 hello, my name is adonis, i know it's m bit too early to tell you my real name but yeah. anyways i would like to become a gym leader. IGN: solidsnake_117 GYM TYPE: Fire type? EXP IN POKEMON: 87 EXP IN PIXELMON: 67. now that you know my exp lvl and all that funky stuff i would like to tell you a bit about myself, i can be a very curious person sometimes (meaning i will ask a lot of questions) but that shoulden't be a problem, i love fire and poison type pokemon, i'm a bit of a nerd :geek: . i'm on usaully anytime on weekends and 4:00PM-11:00PM. i'm 13 years of age. thanks for taking your time to read this i've been having trouble getting on pixelmon servers :x but i'll try!
By Gamma Beastboy
#22912 Hello everyone I must apologize for the server being down for so long. For reason that are unimportant I didn’t have access to my computer to start the server. I assure you that there are things being done to prevent this in the future.

p.s. the server will be back up by Thursday at the latest.