By Gamma Beastboy
I know you guys have been waiting for a while for the server to be up and it was a while ago. However you guys deserve an explanation so here it is: I have two houses for reasons that are irrelevant but because of this I need to port forward on the new network. Also at the house I’m currently at, I have 2 desktops. Oh I made the server on a laptop for on the go coding. Anyway like I said I have 2 desktops the old one I upgraded a lot or and the new one that has base specs. my family likes to use my old one cause its faster however I told them they can share the new one as I’m going to turn the old one into a 99% server dedicated computer but as my father is using at the moment for his job once he finishes I’m moving that one in my room and giving them my new one. Then the server will be transferred and the server will run much faster. Until then I will post a temp ip for the server on my laptop while I wait but after the server transfer the temp ip WILL NOT WORK. I will post when the server transfer is done. For now give me 2 mins to port forward on the new network of the temp ip.