Pein wrote:I try to get on the server & it says "Failed to login; Bad login" could someone help me out & tell me what's happened.

restart your minecraft should work :)
if not
try reinstall minecraft and pixelmon
just remove ur .minecraft
and than force update to download a new one.
then once thats done just install pixelmon again
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By jood220
#23943 he guys,

i just logged in to your server (wich you actualy did not like :P)
and i see you could use some help?

if you need any help with anything ( maybe only beta tester)
im aplying for anything :)

i would love to be 1 of the first players!!

greetz jood220
By aGraypanda
#24050 Builder Applaction:
I have made Awsome Builds in the past.
Once i became a Admin because of my building.
I R hard Working
i am a Builder on like 2 other Servers :P
Also i am a Admin on 2 servers
Also for The White List Applacation