By pelagius_septim
#15459 Ok, so gliskor, If you want to be admin you will have to apply at the website. (which isnt up just yet) And if you really want it before a website is made. Then you can get on the server and help out :3. If you guys want to be Gym leaders/elite four. You have to get on and ask :)
By NekuShikazu
#15643 I'm Neku of course, I was the person who helped investigate the problem on the server. I was wondering if I could create the Pokemon World Tournament. And to show some work I did, look here:

Super Smash Bros (Encouraged by a Youtuber and made before Sethblings so don't whine):

An Adventure Map I gave up on:

Minecraft Bosses:

Edit: I will need Creative, but I am going to be responsible and not spawn items.