By pelagius_septim
PoweredDragon wrote:Don't recommend server. They have moderators, who are stupid. Like NekuShikazu, Tgovani, Tofu, and rl don't recommend server. I made a lot of things for server, and what i had for that? 3 time ban, kick from staff, Unban, and blow up for complain. U CANT NEVER COMPLAIN CAUSE YOU WILL BE BLOWN UP!!!!

Dont complain, we will pardon you if you stop complaining. Seriously the server is fun, it is just the way you make it!
By ApocolypticMew
#18304 hi its me, theapocolipse i'd like to report Edge619RKO to you for banning me out of jelousy as when i found a jigglypuff, evolved it and found out it was shiny edge demanded for it and when i said no she instantly banned me i'd like to ask for her to have her staffrank removed and myself unbanned asap -theapocolipse