By seya123
pelagius_septim wrote:
PoweredDragon wrote:Don't recommend server. They have moderators, who are stupid. Like NekuShikazu, Tgovani, Tofu, and rl don't recommend server. I made a lot of things for server, and what i had for that? 3 time ban, kick from staff, Unban, and blow up for complain. U CANT NEVER COMPLAIN CAUSE YOU WILL BE BLOWN UP!!!!

Dont complain, we will pardon you if you stop complaining. Seriously the server is fun, it is just the way you make it!
Pel im banned and dont know why i actually built a town right after i was banned and the server is so fun i wanna be unbanned :D
By ApocolypticMew
#28780 hey its me theapocolipse and i'd like to say to all that had doubts about this server should definatly join, this is the best pixelmon server ever i love it

Proud to be elite 4 of the best pixelmon server ever!!!
By Mudkip512
#29336 Can I be a assistint gym leader any type will be on often please accept this username :arrow: Mudkip512
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By Noooooooooooooah
#31098 Pelagius_septim, I have a lot too say, but I'll only say a little here. First: Definitely the BEST server I play on! right from the start, I liked it! That hardly EVER happens! If it happens for me, I KNOW I'm gonna live the server! Also, those Master Balls... thanks :D
By ApocolypticMew
#36701 hey pel, i wanna report one of your admin trainees to you, linklolbroek, for swearing, i got an image but i don't have an msn account and don't want to put any pictures on the forums since they'd be inapropreate
can u plz check the logs asap