Would you like to see a more advanced map?


By Pokemans
#24142 I may not be Terramort, but i know he could look at the logs to see who put a wither and ender dragon spawner at the spawn, finding the griefer. He could also use his backup files too, so don't worry.
By LightAdept
#24145 Wow....that sucks, well, i'd say make me the most likely suspect, cause i just got accepted. But theres on problem with that theory, IM STILL NOT WHITELISTED! -_- Whenever you get the chance Terra, i'd love to come on and help, and feel free to add me on skype if you want.
By Pokemans
#24148 My opinion who griefed? Why, I deduce its Jaked1997, why? because, he almost never went on the server + he's the one who first commented about the griefing? Too suspicious. ARREST HIM
By Terramort
#24215 Ha. Ha. Ha. Very. Fucking. Funny. I've gone ahead and banned all of you except Chaos_Phoenix and Ale, who have actually worked very hard on the server. A week's worth of effort is gone because the backup refuses to take effect. Like, godamnit. I'm willing to bet it was kk or Jake, but I don't know for sure, and I am not willing to take anymore chances.

And it's going to take weeks to fix what's been done. Fuck you little immature pricks. No one under the age of 19 is allowed on this server anymore, so don't bother fucking asking. I've dumped way too much time and money into this server, and now I'm on the verge of throwing it away.

Oh, ok, I'm stuck in the End now. If anyone actually cares about the server, now is the time to say anything. I'm scrapping it unless someone really, really cares about it.

Edit: I finally managed to find a working backup, taken 4 days ago. Those of you banned... too fucking bad. You have managed to prove, once again, that I cannot trust little kids. LightAdept, I have whitelisted you, but you will have to wait for me to be in-game to creative-mode you.

Trung, banned because others have access to his account.

Patar, banned because he might have been pissed at me for calling him on something earlier, and also invited the prime suspect to the server.

Jake, banned because I don't know who he is, and is the prime suspect.

kk1604, banned because he is new, and just happened to join the morning of the griefing.

If anyone wants a ban appeal, they better offer an explanation for what fucking happened. To everyone else, I apologize for not being on top of things better, and will be far, FAR more careful about who gets accepted as builder.
By Chaos Phoenix
#24235 Oh dear... Im going to hunt the person who did this down with a vengeance. as due to Terra having to do a back up, i've lost the one piece of work i was so prideful of on the server. So I suggest you apologize immediately and come forward. Because you've wasted so much of our work and time. You've actually thoroughly upset me and think that the immaturity on this front is unbelievable...
By Terramort
#24237 That pretty much narrows it down to Jake. And while I didn't personally lose a lot of work, I feel terrible for the work of Chaos and Mizu, both of whom had done a lot in the last few days, besides whatever Ale may have done. Until Trung messages me, he'll remain banned to make sure he's really in control of his account, and I'll re-add kk.
By ZeroHiyuu
#24238 Yeah griefing is a big no no on my end. If you ever do happen to just trash it or w/e my offer still stands, mate.

also if you get plugins to work, I highly recommend WorldGaurd, and WorldEdit. Protects from griefers, and helps you build faster.