Would you like to see a more advanced map?

By patar15
#24290 Me and trung found who it was it was jaked1997 he did admit you can ask trung. I really want to get back on and help you guys build right now i'm shaking idk y tho.

Edit: I do have an alibi. I went to Max & Ermas ,a restaurant, with my mom and dad.

Edit: I am so sorry for what my cousin has done to this server i'll help build for what you guys have lost. (WARNING: not a very good builder like the other builders)

Edit: don't believe tht Max & Ermas is a restaurant you can go to this website then http://www.maxandermas.com/

By LightAdept
#24394 Well, doesnt seem like anyone is using it, but i made a raidcall chat channel for us. Download Raidcall and use 6080693 as the Group ID. Anyone is welcome, and if you arent whitelisted yet, that might be a good place to start, get to know us, and we'll get to know you.
By DarkNintendoGuy
#24446 n-Game Name: DarkNintendoGuy
Preferred Nickname:Dark
How long you have played MineCraft: 1 year
How long you have played Pixelmon:4 months (but knows ALOT about it)
Ideas I have suggested you particularly like:Adding the furniture mod in.
Ideas others have suggest you particularly like:Adding spawners of certain pokemon in certain areas
Ideas you would like to suggest:adding spawners of certain pokemon
On a scale of 1-10, how uniform vs. creative you are (1 being you never deviate from the standard and continue constructing previous builds, 10 being every path you build is unique, and no two things you build are ever alike):10
By Chaos Phoenix
alejandromadera wrote:Here is a picture of the banner i made for the server.

Here's an alternate one.

Looking for feedback.

I like them but, I think they need something more? maybe make up a symbol or make it seem more Minecrafty with the writing (Sorry I'm a perfectionist with these things xD!)