Would you like to see a more advanced map?


By joojlee38
Pokemans wrote:
joojlee38 wrote:Hey pokemans,
For custom skin, do you mean the custom NPC mod?
To install that, you simply put the .zip folder into your mods folder

If you have more problems, just post your questions!


P.S I'm also having trouble installing the music sot your not the only one ;)

I like your offer to help, but i didn't really have any trouble, all i said was if your having trouble with downloading the mods i got them all right here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/d7j14e3oituqc ... ecraft.jar

just replace your minecraft.jar with this one.


If I replace my minecraft.jar with yours, do I have to install all the mods in the .minecraft folder?
By Terramort
Waterboyr wrote:
Deliant wrote:See above. ;_; Also not white-listed. Sad day, sad day.

Me either... but I don't care! I'm too positive!

I've double-checked all of you, and you are in fact whitelisted. Hope to see you all soon!
By Chaos Phoenix
#28345 Soon there will be a website up and running but currently at work so I shall get round to finishing it in the morning also if we open the server soon I'd like to be there so please give me a date also I've decided that I will host a Rental Tournament in open day, of course if that's okay with terra, ill talk in more detail later :)

Terra I need you to sign up through the link I gave you, I shall give you admin so you can make any changes you wish, there are also plugins for the server and more :)
By guyrif5656
#28465 In-Game Name: guyrif5656
Preferred Nickname:guy
How long you have played MineCraft:2.5 years
How long you have played Pixelmon: one year
Ideas I have suggested you particularly like:safari zone
Ideas others have suggest you particularly like:elite four
Ideas you would like to suggest: fosill, evee,dragon types gyms
On a scale of 1-10, how uniform vs. creative you are (1 being you never deviate from the standard and continue constructing previous builds, 10 being every path you build is unique, and no two things you build are ever alike):5

tnx for all :D :D :D :D :D
By Waterboyr
#28512 I can't find the correct config file can you tell me it's location? I tried doing one but it did the crash for the configuration failed and when I tried to save changes I configured with notebook or something like that it madem me save in a different file! i need help I'm sorry...