Would you like to see a more advanced map?

By Waterboyr
Chaos Phoenix wrote:I tried however it said no, i think its some of my home-coooked security =/

So... anyone else think they could post their minecraft folder?

By Enaio
#32235 I would but if they are adding more mods, I don't think mine would work really. All depends. Once everything is officially set in stone and no more is going to be added, I'll see if Deliant and I can come up with like a ShintaraBox or something :)
By Pokemans
#32489 Hey builders, is there a general time of the day when you both come on? If so, when is it?

P.S. I'm changing my forum username to Trung6o6
By trung606
Willhellm wrote:So this is role play oriented? If it is, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

I'm pretty sure it is roleplay. We builders are trying to make the best experience for our audience!

Waterboyr wrote:So is it active? I wouldn't know for I can't get on yet. Hope it is.

Active as in public? If you mean that, no it is not public yet. But if you mean that, just know that we might (not official yet) be public by the next pixelmon update. I'll apologize if this is an inconvenience for you.

I also have some pictures of our map, I'm putting these pictures out because the creator is hoping to get the server textures in first then add in pics of the server.

But of course, keep in mind this isn't done yet and we're planning to add more buildings and paths. And I'm sure it'll look alot better with the texture.

This is Shoreline City. Any suggestions about what's missing in this picture?Image