Would you like to see a more advanced map?


By mitovmeio
Chaos Phoenix wrote:So, quite obviously this server doesn't run anymore which is slightly disappointing after the work put in by a lot of people, however I think we either need to somehow get this back up OR we need to bring together everyone who was here and recreate a new server, there are some additional mods on other servers that i've been playing with which I find could be useful in this kind of server, a few are: Applied Energistics, EnderChests and IronChests due to the different types of storage available, I've been playing a lot of Feed the Beast recently and these are two mods that stick out for me, so if anyone is interested or knows what's going on with this server please let me know :)

I'd be interested in either starting a new server or trying to get this one back up. The person who started this thread is a mod, so I suppose they'd know if there was a chance on preserving this one somehow.
By Chaos Phoenix
#55311 Okay so what I'm thinking is, I'll actually find a hosting site somewhere and pay for a server but this won't be until the start of next month, I will be adding a few mods to start with, it will mainly be mods that effect biomes and such, so be prepared for those, there will be a few machine mods due to the fact Applied Energistics requires a power source and is the best storage system I know out there, I'll talk through it with people shortly however right now I'm getting ready for work and have other things to do. So talk soon guys