Would you like to see a more advanced map?

By Terramort
GrayArbalest wrote:In-Game Name: grayarbalest
Preferred Nickname:Gray
How long you have played MineCraft:for about 2 years (since 2011)
How long you have played Pixelmon:(started just recently but played pokemon all my life)
Ideas I have suggested you particularly like:Love the view of what is done so far. How the elite four and such will be chosen is a great idea as well. Really everything seems to be a great idea on paper.
Ideas others have suggest you particularly like:Didn't read to much but will.
Ideas you would like to suggest:Hmm so far nothing particular comes to mind. What though would happen if the gym leaders are not on? Will there be back ups? when the server has a lot of people on I'm sure the gym leaders will be busy. I just hope there's a lot of nice landmarks along paths less traveled or such (things that take you away from the main road) like special caves, towers, secret towns etc.
On a scale of 1-10, how uniform vs. creative you are (1 being you never deviate from the standard and continue constructing previous builds, 10 being every path you build is unique, and no two things you build are ever alike): hm 7-8 I generally like my builds to be different.

Required on applications for a Builder:
Any photos of your work: (remember to use spoilers!)sadly not atm :cry: My comp changed recently and I lost some of my screen shots. A friend and I usually play together and I was always the main builder. Doing connected dome homes (almost like a space station), carving a pretty big house out of underground stone, towers, treehouse etc. Though I prefer smaller builds, I love building in general.
On a scale of 1-10, how large of structures do you like to build (1 being a 5x5x5 house or shrine, 10 being featured on Machinama Top 10's): hmm 1-3 with the occasional 5 I guess. I prefer smaller builds, but now and then I'm willing to take on a bigger one.
On a scale of 1-10, how detailed do you like to build things (1 being outlines, 10 being you use slabs, pictures, stairs, etc. to your fullest extent, and always make sure everything is uniform from every angle): 6 for most cases. Though if I really need to (probably only for a small build) and love the structure I'll try my best to go all out.
Any particular building/town idea you would like to work on: Ruins, shrine like buildings, entrance to caves. Something that blends with the landscape yet is nice to run upon.

You have been accepted! Hope to see you soon!

By Chaos Phoenix
#20156 Glad to be a part of the team on this project, lots of interesting things going down and some really cool builds and ideas thrown about.

I am excited to for when we open the whole thing Terra, its gunna be the best server around i think, especially with how much effort people are putting into their builds :D
By Terramort
#21323 Yes it will! We have a team of very talented builders. For anyone looking join to join, we can always use the an extra hand!
By Bailwy1
#21342 Admin/Mod App
What I Can Do For The Server: I Build And Build And Never Stop Building So I Could Bui;d Like a Pokemon centre or a town or whatever you want
Where you were mod/admin: A l o t I Acually am op on about 4
Pixelmon Experience : About 15 Servers With Lvl 70 Pokemon Lechitly
What About You: Right, im 12 but thats got nothin 2 do with my work people say i work like a 20 year old man and play like a 5 year old child so thts a good balance to work ona great server like this

Please Whitelist Me
By patar15
#21352 In-Game Name: patar15
Preferred Nickname:patar
How long you have played MineCraft:next month will be two years.
How long you have played Pixelmon:i have been playing it off and on but lately i have been playing it a lot.
Ideas I have suggested you particularly like:I like the fact that trainers will be in adventure mode like in the actual game of pokemon.
Ideas others have suggest you particularly like:i haven't looked at them yet (,but if i get accepted (the reason I said that is that if I do I feel like I can put input in this if I don't ik my input won't matter) I will pm you the ideas i like that others have suggested).
Ideas you would like to suggest: in adventure mode you can open chest well i was thinking people can buy houses within the region still in adventure mode, but they can still open chests. sorta like skyrim you can buy a house but you store stuff there.
On a scale of 1-10, how uniform vs. creative you are (1 being you never deviate from the standard and continue constructing previous builds, 10 being every path you build is unique, and no two things you build are ever alike): i would say about a 7
Required on applications for Quest Constructors:
An example of your ability to write or dictate dialogue such as a short story or a piece of conversation, to test your grammatical and creative abilities. (This is important to me. Don't worry, if you cannot grammar well, this only means you need compile all your dialoge for Custom NPC's and send it to me for edification, and you will then have to edit what you had done in game. The text editing is very unforgiving - if you make a mistake early in the paragraph, you will have to erase much of you work and re-type, like MC's book system):i haven't got any ideas, but one idea and its a tutorial quest:
Liz (name can be changed): can you go to the pokemart and buy 5 pokeballs for me.
you: Sure
You: Nah, I think you can get them yourself.
Reward (they will not see what the reward is): after you give the reward she take 5 pokeballs and she gives you money and 5 pokeballs.
How long have you used Custom NPC's: not very long. I just started to use this but like 2 weeks ago. I can learn fast how to script them.
On a scale of 1-10, how good are at following someone else's idea to create a story: i haven't read other people's story (like i said above i will pm you about it).
Any particular quests you would like to add: I would like to add some quests that will get ahead in the main story to become a pokemon champion. others that will be absolutely worthless others in the middle like quests in world of warcraft (I do not play anymore).