By Grovyle
#15481 Hello there I am the Co-Owner of a pixelmon server me and Luke(the owner) have set up a server and we have begun to build towns and a pokemon day care center :D The IP is :
We are currently in need of staff ~Note: first 3 players to join get a free promotional masterball!

The Owner's IGN:MinerLuke99

~Thanks for listening!

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By Umbreon1110
#15496 When I tried to join it said this--

Forge Modloader has found ID mismatches
Complete details are in the log file

ID 122 is mismatched between world and game

You cannot connect to this server

By Grovyle
#15991 The server isn't 2.1.1 because Luke downloaded the wrong one XD we'll update soon but currently Luke is out
we'll also be getting BukkitForge soon :D oh by the way all spawn is finished so hop on by!
Oh and masterball promotional items are still up but this time there is a hint of challenge with it you'll see what I mean if you join >:3

By LaprasArmy
worldofhabbo wrote:Why is it offline... when it was on yesterday at this time

You have to remember that the owner does have a social life and running a server can be hard.
I know the wait is annoying but it will be worth it,he's probably trying to make the server better. ;)