By Grovyle
#17407 Guys the server isn't 24/7 yet... mainly because we aren't getting donations... AT ALL we haven't even fully set up the donation board most of it is done though and it can be seen at spawn. The Owner is very busy and even though he can't connect he isn't inactive.

By pokelucas
#17727 I saw this server needs staff,so i want to apply for a staff position,i just started playing yesterday and beat the first gym,this server also isn't laggy,i could also make a youtube series on it,if you want me as staff im on today IGN:lucas6921a
By Grovyle
#18364 Server is up again. Sorry for the inconvenience me and Luke will have a discussion about staff. In the meantime all those wanting staff please follow the template below:
Maturity(out of 100)(69 out of 100 is classed as 0):
Previous experience:
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5:
Why should we pick you?:

Thanks for listening
PS pokelucas if you could record the server and include the IP that'd be great for advertising!
By pokelucas
#18706 IGN: lucas6921a
Maturity:i'd say 80,i get exited fast and am impatient tho
Previous experience:I've never been a mod on any other server
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5:5+!
Why should we pick you:Because if theres a griefer i won't just ban him on the spot,i would ask him questions why he griefed and what he thought he was getting out of it,AND i wouldn't just spawn 100 masterballs in for myself.I'm also happy unless my parents are acting like shit againi also wouldn't randomly kick people,on another server i play on it's a HUGEEEE problem,pick me and you're server will always be happy.
By Vortex190
#18709 IGN: Vortex190
Name: Tyler
Age: 15
Maturity: 90 I am calm with just about everyone (except greifers and other people like that)
Previous experience: I haven't been a mod on a server before but I would like to make this my 1st one
Pixelmon Knowledge: 5
Why should we pick you?: I am a outgoing happy person, that can make friends with people fast, I love to help other people and make them have a reason to stay on the server
By Toflusion24554
#18712 IGN:tofu24554
Maturity(out of 100)(69 out of 100 is classed as 0):90
Previous experience:Ive been staff on 4 servers and i can give u a ip to each of them
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5: i know about 4/5 of pixelmon
Why should we pick you?: Because i am mature and i know alot of minecraft and how to be a good staff member and i am a good builder and have good ideas for this server
By worldofhabbo
#19754 IGN:Dragen99
Maturity(out of 100)(69 out of 100 is classed as 0): I would say 89 because sometimes I can be a little annoying.
Previous experience: I've been staff on a few servers
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5: 4
Why should we pick you?: Because I'm a good staff. if someone does something like threatening I will first give a warning and if they don't listen a kick and after that a ban but if someone griefs i'll ban em inmediatly. i'm not a person who just lets somebody do what is against the rules whatever they say .
By leetwizard
#20395 Two things- The server's been down for 3 days or so, and I would like to apply for staff.
IGN: leetwizard
Name: Nathan
Age: 12
Maturity(out of 100)(69 out of 100 is classed as 0): 85
Previous experience:Moderate amounts.
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5: 4.5. I know how to make the anvils and balls and stuff, and the types, but I still don't know how to make PCs and Healers.
Why should we pick you?: I have experience on the server, and Gecko has made me the fire type gym leader, and I know the server AND the mod well. and can help around.