By Ajwboss
#20537 IGN: AjwBoss
Name: Austin
Age: 16
Maturity(out of 100)(69 out of 100 is classed as 0): 75
Previous experience: I used to run my own private server and have helped moderate two others
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5: 5
Why should we pick you?: I have experience with this server, I know the rules and how it all works. I will be a fair moderator.

(how can I contact you about the donation?)

By PoweredDragon
#20717 IGN:PoweredDragon
Maturity(out of 100)(69 out of 100 is classed as 0):80
Previous experience:I had my own server with 100 players, I'm admin on one server, i gonna make my own server, and i'm helping on the most servers i'm playing :)
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5:5
Why should we pick you?:I'm polite, nice, helpful, friendly, i have good opinion on servers where i was Admin/Mod, and i rl like helping players.
By Grovyle
#21042 Ajw and powered me and Luke will review your apps shortly

Note: Server is down temporarily :( The server says that it's up but it isn't D: It's a hosted server and not home-ran so if anyone could help it will be greatly rewarded and greatly appreciated.

The Application meeting will commence in about an hour so keep an eye out for updates!!!

Current staff:
By Grovyle
#21439 Tobz789 you're the guy who asked for a mew to be spawned and asked for a masterball... then started breaking rules, lying, and swearing... You're just mad because you got banned because of your actions.

Side note: Server is still down due to it saying it's running but the server isn't actually running....

Habbo I'll look at your app now I don't know how I missed it :S

Dear all...
Luke and me are happy to say that these 2 people were accepted into staff....
Those people areee...............
PoweredDragon-For his excellent behaviour and attitude!
Ajwboss-For his awesome building,behaviour,attitude and roleplaying!

Be sure to say congratulations to our new staff when you see them!!!!
They will begin their trials as soon as the server is back up!