By Ajwboss
#23184 "Dear all...
Luke and me are happy to say that these 2 people were accepted into staff....
Those people areee...............
PoweredDragon-For his excellent behaviour and attitude!
Ajwboss-For his awesome building,behaviour,attitude and roleplaying!"

By leetwizard
#27508 Gecko's friend (Hey geck, can I call you dylan? it sounds cooler and is ur name) hasn't gotten on yet, and geck knows that if he doesn't get on often, then he won't be on for a while. :(
Anyways, since I'm the gym leader for fire, I'll just list my team and specifications-
It's located in Unique Town (The small town near the desert town)
It's that big giant red fortress that you can't miss.
You need to show me your Earth Badge.
Zis is my team-
A ninetales about level 35,
A camerupt about level 38,
And a Rapidash, about level 44.
I might also get a growlithe/arcanine.
So yes, bring water.
You get a badge for beating me, as well as a TM that you will see me use a lot in battle.
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#28229 I wanna Apply 4 builder 4 a few reasons: 1 i rate 8/10 in building :D and i am loyal, I have NEVER lied, NEVER Griefed and NEVER hacked. There is a Downside 2 me because i havent had any admin EXP so i might be a newb but hey, Im a mature 17 year old with alot of Talent to be shared.

Im a 3/10 with redstone, never was into it.

however, when the going gets tough and i think some1 is guilty, i will c what has happened :)