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#41325 IGN:MinerKombat1557
Name:Con *IRL, nickname, i like 2 be called Miner*
Maturity:89 *not everyone is perfect*
Previous experience:Been admin on 1 pixelmon server, Builder on 2 and Mod on 1 server, owner on a server for 3 weeks
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5: 5
Why we should pick you: i am mature and obident and willing 2 help anyone. if a question is asked i will try my best 2 anwser it. i try to be on as much as i can and Hackers/griefers kiss robbers. I want to keep the line protected and if any1 were 2 break it, thats it 4 them. otherwise i am a nice person.

I am posting this 2 be a mod, u can deny me but im just looking 2 help k

*edit* let meh know when server is up
By DarkNintendoGuy
#41594 IGN:
Previous experience:admin on two servers mod on two too
Pixelmon knowledge out of 5:5
Why should we pick you?:You should pick me cause im responsible nice fun to be around honest and loves to be around other people