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By mroberts6
#15756 Hello, I am mroberts6 and I recently made a minecraft server to add to my collection of servers. This one is for pixelmon as you can tell from where I am posting it xD. Well, I have just finished setting up and I want to release it as soon as possible. The first person on gets 1 great ball, 5 pokeballs and a Pokedex! Spawn is in the progress of being built. I need some GOOD builders. This server will soon have a few other mods installed to increase enjoyment. The only technical mod I will add is red power, every other mod will be based around RPG. The site is being worked on as well. NOW REQUIRES CUSTOM NPCS AS WELL!

Server info:

Website: *COMING SOON*
Screenshots: Need a good image uploading site, any suggustions?
Spawn rate: same as normal. May be updated
Plugins: Essentials, ChestShop, WorldGuard, Lockette and Permissions
Mods: Pixelmon v2.1.2, Custom Npcs
Currency: Gold Ingots (may become coins!)


Owner: mroberts6
Mods: None

Extra info:

Ranks: Trainer(Default), Gym Leader, Elite Four, Moderator, and Owner/Admin
The first person to catch mew gets a masterball :)

By ApocolypticMew
#15970 Why is server down p.s can i apply for mod

Favourate pkmn: mewtwo
Pokemon experiance: pretty high
Age: 10
Staff experiance: i was once a mod on a snapshot 12w34b test server so fairly good
By SquirtleTurtlez
#16009 I just want to be the first to say this server is pretty small but has huge potential :D . I love the community and the server has just opened so there are lots of openings for huge things! I REALLY HOPE TO SEE THIS SERVER GO BIG!!!!

-Turtlez3659 player of Mining Unlimited
Hah hah xD I've also received my first badge!
By InYourSink
#18260 This server sounds good! ^^ I'll help out as much as I can ^^ Also if any gym leader spots are open I'll take one! I wubs da cute pokemon! I normally have a full eeveeloution team or a cute-pokemon team. If not any of those then a dragon team.