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By joeymread
#16379 Hey guys and gals.
Build your own gyms, build build build, follow the quest line, or catch em all
I have a brand new server, I started last night. Its whitelisted with the intent of having a small close knit group of players, who want to play the game troll free and just enjoy themselves and have some good fights. The server will be survival with some light questing revolving around Gyaku the last of the ancient dragons, with and end goal of defeating the dragon master. Here are some screen shots, let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas at all that would be great. If you want to come on and play or help me build, post an app with a little bit of information about yourself, and if you want to be op, you must be willing to be on mumble.
The map has frost, forest, jungle, desert and ocean all within 200 blocks from spawn, also a lot of caverns caves and floating islands.
You'll also need custom npc's , all you have to do is drag it into your mod folder, and you are done.

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By GrandmasterJMC
#38631 ign:GrandMasterJMC
im a good builder i do very good with mods i never have been banned before i have about 13 mods installed with pixelmon my fav pokemon is dragonite im sorry but i dont donate and yea if u need any more info plzz pm me :D