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By Umbreon1110
#38772 IGN: Arceus12234
Favorite Poke: Articuno
Pixelmon EXP: Bout' a year
Gender: Male
Y u should whitelist me: I am a very active player, I always play by the rules and respect admins and moderators. I never swear in-chat but in real life I will if I get massively griefed or something. -_- Griefers... Hate Griefers... Anyways I never raid/Grief because come on. Whoever got the stuff worked hard to get it.

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By Moltres11
#39681 IGN:Regice1223
Favorite pokemon: Moltres, its obvious.
Age: 10
I'm good at being a Elite four dude or gym leader, otherwise nothing else and I'm bad at redstone. :(
Why you should whitelist me: I NEVER greif,raid or steal, and I don't hack. But I get a little cranky if something bad happens to me, but I'm nice.

Pixelmon EXP: I'm good at it, but I lag if I'm near advanced structures, but don't remove those structures please I'm just one player.

Please whitelist me!
P.S great server! 8-)