By AramisX
#21613 Gym Application :D

Time Zone: PST Pacific Standard Time Zone

Age: 15

Previous Experience: Once a Moderator on a server called Guerillapvp until it got hacked somehow or rather the owner abandoned it. Previous Gym Experience None ;3

Reason: Why I wanna do this is because for fun and since there are barely any leaders and you have to do the gyms all by yourself. I'd like to take the time off your hands and invest my time to being on it. Im going to be on almost every day actually it's pretty certain Ill be on everyday unless something happens.

Type of Gym: Ghost Gym (IF Its taken) Fire Gym. and if thats taken D; Water Gym. and if thats taken well you choose ;3
#21765 Gym Application :D

Time Zone: Pacific Hawaii Time

Age: 16

Previous Experience: I am moderator on three different servers. (Emerald Craft) (Lava Craft But I quit due to a very mean owner) (And A newbie server that got shut down)
Reason: Becuase i love this server and i want to contribute to the community and help others. Also i want to create a challenge for people when they face me and if they do win they know they deserved it instead of me giving it to them and not even trying.

Type of Gym: I want to be a Water Gym If that's ok other wise a Fire Gym.