By darkblade127218
Its_TekK wrote:Hey guys, i need builders for a new server.

The server will include multiple worlds; an adventure world,a world for tournaments,and a survival world. The server will also include plugins and will allow cracked users to join.

Adventure World: The Adventure world will include its own region with gyms,cities,Elite Four,villanious team(like team rocket),a proffesor,a forest and a mountain.

Tournament World: The Tournament world will be for trainers versing eachother to move up the leaderboards. Trainers will verse others with the same skill level of pokemon.

Survival World: The Survival world will be for surviving in the wilderness with your pokemon

what is the ip? is it up yet? will you require skype? is it private? is it pvp? do you drop items apon death? please answer most of the questions. :D

By Hemp-Hill
#55058 Ign: holmes15
I could help u build gyms, spawns, and towns
why I wanna be a builder?: to help a new server become great
ps: I could also be a gym leader for fighting
By Katsuki
#58157 IGN: Katsuki

I would love to help. I am experienced with setting up servers and troubleshooting problems with mods and plugins if you need help. I am 21 years old and have been playing pokemon since the red/blue era. I have owned at least one pokemon game from each generation except for black/white version 2. I am very mature and do not grief. If dragon type leader is still open I would like to be the gym leader, though wouldn't mind being any gym leader, but prefer fire or water if I can't be dragon type. Thanks.