By Fazaja
#17304 Welcome to the new Pixelmon Server Fazamon

We started at 25. March 2013 to build our server and finally I can say THE SERVER IS NOW ONLINE FOR ALL OF YOU!!! You only have to write under that post you IGN and the Pokemon game that you prefer (for example Black/White 2 or Soul Silver)!

This is a survival server that means search a good place and build your own town and get a gym leader.

Later I will choose the best leader and he or she will become one of the Elite Four!

So don't wait longer and start now in my server FAZAMON 1.5.1 [Beta]

You will need the latest Costum NPC and Pixelmon 2.1.2


It´s very nice if you can visit my Youtube Channel too because I tried to made it in english and for someone who lives in germany it isn´t very easy to speak perfect :p I just want to know how you like it! Later I will make some videos about my server and I will insert your names in my video!