By Stourma
#21569 Age: 15
IGN: Stourma
Desired Type: Psychic dragon, dark,
Level: 46

Thank you for your time and consideration and i hope you chose me to help out. i would stick with this server ethier way and, thanks for your time once again -Stourma

By TheYaminoTenshi
#21637 Hi again, I've post this message because I have see the other Gym leader and that interess me, and too I wanted to be a gym leader or an Elite 4.

Age: 19

ING: TheYaminoTenshi
Type: Dragon, Steel, Ice, Dark
Dsirate LVL: 50 +

But my type variate, because I really want the Dragon or Dark, they was my most favourite.
Thanks in advance.
By NikonCyote
#21879 I have had a great experience whilst playing on the Pixelmon server, I would love to be a bigger part of it by being a Gym Leader.
- Age: 16
- IGN: NikonCyote
- Desired type: Ground.
- Determined Level: 20-30
- Gym Badge: Quake Badge
- Gym Leaders name: Clay (5th Gen)
- I have a team of 5. Ready at the levels that will fit the gym. (Not all gyms have 6.)
Thank you for reading my application, And I hope to hear from you in the near future.