By ozziemand
#22770 :arrow: would like to apply to be a gym-leader !

:arrow: age : 16

:arrow: IGN: ozziemand

:arrow: desired type: fosil ( i have a full fosil team and think its kind of original :?: )

:arrow: desired lvl: i dont know 50ish , lowest is 22 and highest is 47 so...

:arrow: thx for reading :!:
#22913 i wanna be gym leader :D

Type: Dragon
Level: 40-50
Age: 14

thanks =D

btw do i catch my own pokemon for the gym or do i get spawned ones? im going to start catching some while im waiting 4 a reply anyway but plz still answer.
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#23300 Server is having issues as you can tell. Something has corrupted and it has broken the server completely. We will be whitelisted until we discover the problem. I have my leads to it so far but it will take some time to get it done.
By netnei
#23321 Hey Reck~
Figured I'd throw in a gym leader application while the server was down:

- Age: 15
- IGN: Netnei
- Desired type: Can't go wrong with poison, can you~? Vileplume will fuck your shit up.
- Determined Level: I'm not exactly familiar with the average level of other gym leader's pokemon, but in a perfect world I'd say 50-65 (Maybe 70, again I don't really know how you gauge this stuff.)