By cee5556
#25150 Re-apply for gym leader!
Age: 16
IGN: cee5556
Desired Type: Ghost (I am aware of how few ghost types there are)
Determined level: 40-50
I am on your server all the time longer than most people i've seen on.
By wasdf
#25283 It happened 30 minutes to an hour ago. I'd just gone into a fossil machine room to get my Cranidos from my skull fossil. During the reanimation of the fossil, there was intense lag and a server restart was required. During the server restart, the fossil machine I was using malfunctioned, freezing and making my fossil disappear. I had no idea a server restart would cause this to happen; if I did, I would have tried to take the fossil out before the server restarted. Anyway, after the restart, the fossil machine went from 100%(the server was lagging so much that I couldn't get my Cranidos out from machine at 100%) to 4% and wouldn't progress any further. I waited for some 10 minutes and nothing changed. In desperation, I broke the fossil machine to reset it, hoping I'd get my fossil back. I didn't get it back. Is there any way an admin could fix this and get me my fossil back? Please?

My account name is SuperEBA.

If you need any additional information, I'd be happy to help :)
By Vikerus
GrandmasterJMC wrote:server down D:

Heathen! You betray Justiscraft!