By Vikerus
Vikerus wrote:
GrandmasterJMC wrote:server down D:

Heathen! You betray Justiscraft!

How so?

Grand was our Dragon leader in the beginning. But he dropped out from being gone for a while.
By Cj_Luke
#25947 I am now official Water Gym Leaainers with Pixelmon ranging der. I am a ton of Pixelmon to soon be able to allow any Trainers with Pixelmon Levels 20-50 and provide a challenge. Some of my Pixelmon for that though will not be Water Types, but will indeed have at least a Water-Type move (kind of like how Lance has only three REAL dragon types in G/S/HG/SS.) But mainly, I will use Water Types! I give the Rain Badge, and give you one of two TMs, depending on what letter you choose when I ask you "R or S". If you ever wanna battle me while online, you just have to have pixelmon no levels higher than my toughest! My town is Dojo Town, named after the Trainer's Dojo I made, but then was changed into my Gym! I hope to replace MineIsCraft/