By Markkingy
#27092 Must include
- Age: 13
- IGN:Markkingy
- Desired type: Any
- Determined Level: Any


I Really Want This Job Because I belief I Rly Can Help people, im online daily like 5 hours a day and i have loads of friends on the server ^.^


Thanks For Having Chance To Read My Application,
Hope Im Chosen :D
By arceus4836
#27271 This is a Mod Application for the server.
my in-game name is arceus4836 and I've been on for about 4 days now. I'm 15 years old. Ive seen how packed it gets on the server and how the chat gets extremely crowded with question and spam so i can help keep that down, I've also been a mod on another server and know well how to deal with grief situations and chat spammers. I've noticed that there's not that many mods that are on at times so i have the advantage with my time zone (MST) to monitor chat and keep things running smoothly. I'm always lenient for both sides of an argument and ill get along with other staff. We'll maby have a few laughs as well. I hope i can help on the server as a mod. If not I'll do what i can with my current status.

P.S. Id like to Be a Dragon Type gymleader if not Dragon then Steel
By pixelatedabsol
#27489 I would like to become a gyme leader.

Type:I dont want a specific type but a gym to do with fossils.
Level: 20-25 and 40-45.

When I first came on the server I was realy looking forward to playing this mod. After playing for a while I noticed the fossil in my tool bar so I went to the place where you bring them to life. During the process I noticed that there were people stealing peoples fossils and I decided that it would be a good idea for a fossil gym leader so that there is a way for people to see fossil pokemon without getting theirs stolen in the process of reserecting it.