By imperialwaffle
#28317 Here is my request to become a gym leader i have helped the mods lately by informing them about the fossil rooms not working and also offered solutions this shows i can be trusted. I don't mind creating my own gym if provided with the resources.
- Age:17
- IGN:imperialwaffle
- Desired type:Ice/Fighting please or anything
- Determined Level:30-40 or 30-35 but ill take anything
ps. I have already got something to use as a gym but i might just add some stuff depending on the type i get.
also i vote for this server daily

By Serious_Creeper
#28698 Age: 15
IGN: Serious_Creeper
Desired Type: Ice Gym Leader
Desired Level: Maxium Level 65

I have played this server for almost four weeks and I'm on six out of seven days of the week and on weekends I play for around eight hours. I always am seeing people ask if any Gym Leaders are on and quite alot of the time there is none or they are building there gym. I have all my ice pokemon I desire to use and a built gym.

By kirinstream
#28965 Age: 20
In-Game Name: kirinstream
Determined Type: Dragon
Determined Level: 50-65

I've Been playing for awhile now and I'm pretty interested in leading my own gym. I'd like to inform you that i am an extremely active Minecraft player. I put about ten hours a day into the game. Hope you will consider me for Gym Leader.
By I_master_mind_I
#28967 Hello I've been playing on the server for about two weeks now so I'd like to apply to be a gym leader
- Age: 17
- IGN: I_master_mind_I
- Desired type: Poison Type
- Determined Level: Anywhere from 30-40 as I have a Gengar, Weezing, and Tentacruel in that range