By KinoKjaz
#31461 Age: 17
Gym: Water, is what I have, I'm fine with being CoGymLeader with Jav if he is alright with it
IGN: KinoKjaz
I currently play on your server, I am on almost everyday from 10am-12or1am so I can get a lot done and really want to be a GymLeader thanks!
By comander_genaral
#31906 ign: comander_genaral
type rock
desired lvl 80-90 for this would fill in a gap i thought i saw in gym lvls

reason i have a plan for the gym ready givin the case if i was gym leader as the leader of team rocket i do find it fitting to be the ground type bout would desire a co leder and that would be k1llerpotatoe
this would work out as if im not online which im almost allways am k1ll can assume gym leader position and keep badges and challenges running smoothly :D please consider it